Berg Students Make the Most of Spring Break

Mar 4, 2013
Student in the Southwest
Jeff Peck '13, on 2012 Southwest Trip

For most college students, spring break is a time to relax at home or take road trips with friends. Some Heidelberg students will be heading south, but not to the usual locations. These students will be spending their spring break in an alternative fashion.

Some will serve others.
Through Habitat for Humanity and Back Bay Mission, Heidelberg students are traveling to Nashville, TN, Morehead, KY, and Biloxi, MS for a weeklong service trip. In Nashville, students will be working on a construction site and volunteering in the Habitat Restore. In Morehead, students will help rebuild a community torn apart by tornadoes. And in Biloxi, students will continue the rebuilding process made necessary by Hurricane Katrina. In addition to working on these construction sites, students will go on site-seeing trips in the area.

Some will conduct research.
Geology students are spending their break together in the southwest desert in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Dr. Amy Berger and her Regional Field Geology students are spending seven days investigating environments from volcanic lava to caves. Follow their experience.

Some will leave the country.
Six Heidelberg students have teamed up with the Northwest Ohio Association of United Church of Christ to take a trip to El Salvador. The trip encompasses both educational and service components. Students will become immersed in Salvadoran culture, serve meals at homeless shelter, engage in activities with the local community, visit area churches, meet the Bishop of El Salvador Medardo Gomez and other religious leaders, and taking site-seeing around area.

Some will lead.
Four of these trips were planned, organized, and carried about by Heidelberg students. Adam Hine, Kaitlyn Caldwell, Meredith Higgins, and Cody Waterman were all student coordinators for their respective trips. They worked on fundraising and ran meetings for groups as well as set up itineraries and organized communication. This leadership development opportunity will help prepare these students for leadership roles in their futures careers.

Some will compete.
129 student-athletes are heading south over break. The baseball and softball teams will be in Florida and play a combined 21 games. Men’s and women’s tennis teams will be in South Carolina for a week and play 5 matches each. The track and field teams will also head to South Carolina for an invitational at Coastal Carolina University.

Follow the hashtag #bergbreak to follow the students in real time.