Senior of the Month: Emily Jones

Sep 30, 2013

Emily JonesName: Emily Jones

Hometown: Bellefontaine, OH

Major: Political Science and International Studies

Involvement: Honors Program, Model UN, Student Senate, President of Pi Sigma Alpha (political science honorary), Sigma Iota Rho (international studies honorary), RA, Euglossian Society, Rho’s Bud

Why did you choose Heidelberg?

“I chose Heidelberg primarily for the size. I met Dr. Marc O’Reilly on my first visit to Heidelberg and he was the one thing that stuck in my mind when I was visiting other schools. The experience I had with him and other people on campus made me see how personal Heidelberg was.”

Who is your mentor on campus?

“Definitely Dr. O’Reilly. When I came here I knew I wanted to do political science, but he helped point me in the direction of international studies. Through my classes with him I’ve developed an interest in the Middle East and now I know I want to do a graduate program in foreign policy particularly. He was able to advise me and help me with study abroad. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from him. I feel knowledgable about the subject and know where I want my career to go.”

What has been your favorite Berg experience?

“My favorite would definitely be Model UN. This is my fourth year participating and last year I was able to serve as co-undersecretary general. I felt like we put on an amazing conference and the turnout was fantastic. It was great being able to do that. Studying abroad is also something I will always remember from college. Last year I spent fall semester in Washington D.C. at American University and I completed a Middle Eastern world affairs program that let me study for a month in Turkey and Jordan. That spring semester I spent three months in Oxford.”

How did your year abroad change you?

“I feel more confident in my classes and I feel like a well-rounded individual. A lot of the classes that I’d taken here at Heidelberg became more real, especially the ones focused on the Middle East. Now that I’m back, I feel more knowledgeable about the situations I’m researching.”

What is your advice to underclassmen?

“Take advantage of the opportunities that your major presents, be it study abroad or any related activities. I’m able to spend a lot of time on my course work, but a lot of the extra-curriculars I do complement my major. It gives me the opportunity to get outside of the classroom and get to know people on campus. It’s nice to do things with people who have the same interests. Also, get to know the faculty in your department. They can help you a lot with resources for internships or careers. They can be a good source of information for grad schools.”

What are your post-graduation plans?

“I’m considering applying for AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps). I want to wait a year before heading to graduate school to gain some experience outside of the classroom. I’ll eventually want to find a grad program in foreign policy with a concentration in the Middle East.”