Berg-Falcon partners: The future of accounting

Nov 20, 2012

Dr. Ahmed at BGSUBusiness schools at Heidelberg University and Bowling Green State University have entered into a partnership that will recruit the best and brightest HU students into BGSU’s Master of Accountancy program.

Heidelberg students who have received their undergraduate accounting degree and want to take the next step toward a successful career in accounting are now eligible to apply for the Berg-Falcon Master of Accountancy Scholarship Program.

Dr. Ken Snead, director of the Graduate Studies in Accountancy program at BGSU, said the two schools are piloting the partnership – a win-win for both institutions.

“Ultimately, students will benefit most significantly by becoming better prepared to take the next step toward a successful career in accounting,” said Snead, who, on his sabbatical this year is teaching at Heidelberg. “A graduate degree is becoming more and more essential to career success. This program will provide students more flexibility in their careers, opportunities for being assigned greater responsibility and a faster track to promotions and higher compensation.”

Heidelberg’s best and brightest accounting students who are selected to enter the program will become eligible – and better prepared – to meet the requirements to sit for their CPA exams, Snead explained. In the 10-month program, they’ll select one or two specializations tracks in accounting and auditing, taxation or information systems auditing and control.

“This really is a very exciting concept,” said Dr. Haseeb Ahmed, dean of the Heidelberg School of Business. “It will be very attractive and convenient for our current and prospective accounting students.” The transition from the Heidelberg undergraduate accounting program to the BGSU graduate accounting program will be smooth and it will provide wider career options for our accounting graduates. Heidelberg accounting graduates should be well prepared to fully avail this opportunity.”

Heidelberg’s business faculty will establish criteria and select students to receive tuition scholarships and graduate assistantships from BGSU, who will allocate the funding, according to Snead. Additionally, Heidelberg students who transition to the BGSU program will benefit from BGSU’s job placement resources and networking opportunities.

Heidelberg students would be entering an accounting program with an excellent reputation among business professionals. Both BGSU’s business and accounting programs are accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business – the highest level of accreditation obtainable by business schools. Further, students would be eligible to join the BGSU chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting honorary student organization ranked second in the nation with respect to quality. The “Big Four,” regional and local public accounting firms, and Fortune 500 companies recruit graduates of this program.